change I want to see

Daily Prompt: Dear Leader
(What one thing do I want my government to accomplish in 2013?)


To whom it may concern,

     I’m not really sure who is in charge anymore, or who has the power to bring about any meaningful change, which is why I’ve had to write this as an open letter and just hope it gets into the right hands.

     Looking towards 2013, the one change I want most desperately is for the people of this great land to stop relying on the government and find their own feet again.  Let’s make the tough decisions needed to get away from the entitlement mindset of late.  Let’s  dial down the hand outs, the programs, the initiatives, the general creep of government into every aspect of our lives and return to neighbors helping neighbors and families looking out for one another.

     This will be a struggle and will require assistance but there are many of us willing to pitch in and help out.  I know we can do it.  We truly are a nation of great people, brilliant minds, and solid work ethic.  Which just need to be given the chance to rise to the occasion and prove that again.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


6 thoughts on “change I want to see

  1. All of that would be great if decent (read better) paying jobs are available to all able bodied folk. Unless we want the USA to become a third world country, we can’t throw unemployed/underemployed people on the street and tell them to fend for themselves… In a poor neighborhood, everyone is struggling so neighbor helping neighbor would be difficult to sustain. Sadly, I wish more Americans would get to meet and know some of the hardest working people in this nation – The Underemployed who sometimes hold down 2-3 lousy paying jobs and still can’t make ends meet… Those so called entitlements are a life saver for many poor families….

    • I’d argue it isn’t about better paying jobs – it’s about getting a better handle on what things cost. Should homes be as expensive as they are? Should gas be as expensive as it is? Should our utilities cost what they do? The more money we pay people, the more companies feel like they can charge us, and then the more money we need to pay people… When people argue about the value of inflation, I argue how depressing it is that our dollar isn’t worth anything anymore.

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