my couch is a wonderously evil thing

All this week I’ve had the best of intentions: go to work, come home and do my normal chores around the house, and then sit down and work on editing my NaNaWriMo project. That hasn’t happened.

I’ve done the “go to work” part. That hasn’t been a problem. Wake up, eat, get in the car, drive for an hour, do that work stuff. Done.

Chores? Yeah, did all those too: errands on the way home, cleaned the house, did all the dishes, took care of my kitties, etc… I’m good at those chores things. I get them done.

But then I need to make myself some dinner, and I invariably wind up on the couch to take a little rest while I eat. And that is the plan, to just take a 30 minute break, eat some food, laugh at some silly people on the televsion and then get cracking.

Do I do that? No. Not so much. Not at all.

I get sucked in. 30 minutes of The Big Bang Theory turns into an hour of the show, and that’s followed by How I Met Your Mother, and then I will want more and I can just change the channel and find more of those shows. I’ll look over at the time at some point and will be shocked by how much time has passed. I could still shut it off and spend at least a few minutes, go through at least one chapter, before my wife calls on her own long trek home from work but I’ve lost all motivation and don’t have the energy to force myself to do it anyway.

The couch is just too comfortable, wonderously so actually.

And pure evil.

38 thoughts on “my couch is a wonderously evil thing

  1. It’s not the couch, it’s that mesmerizing light from the device in front of it. Slowly put down the remote after pushing the power button, then step away from the couch. See it’s not the couch 🙂 trust me I have been there too.

    • Oh… I’ve tested that theory before. I turn off the television and I still wind up on the couch, with a book, or my computer, or my kindle, or my phone, or napping… pretty much anything, except the editing, which must happen at a proper desk.

      • Well….. I got sucked into BlogFestivus2012 and it’s a lot of fun! I needed a break from the gargoyles for a bit. As soon as the BF2012 is over I’ll be back to the novel. Especially since my hubby has been strangely interested in the novel …. “you’re not going to stop writing are you?”; “how’s the novel coming?”; “Write anything else?” It’s kind of weird. But kind of nice. Sooooooooooo I sort of have an excuse …. but not really! 😉

      • Oh whew, I thought the couch had gotten you too. Though, you should probably be wary of it, if you have one sneaky about your house, you never know when it might pounce. (as I type from my couch)

      • Ever watch Black Books? It’s kind of an acquired taste, I think … But Dylan Moran left an indelible impression on my poor, unsuspecting mind. Well, watch out for that sofa.

      • Hadn’t heard of Black Books before, but will be checking out more of their stuff now! (Another distration to keep me on the couch.) (I think it gets lonely when I’m not around.)

      • It was a British comedy that ran for three seasons; like the title indicates, very dark humor! You’ll either love Dylan Moran’s character (Bernard Black) or hate him right away. (But you won’t forget him!) He drinks way, way too much; smokes way, way too much; hates customers (but owns a bookstore); etc. The best episode is “The Grapes of Wrath” — (If your couch gets too needy, watch it on the computer!)

  2. The trick is to find something you want to do even less than torture yourself with writing. Then writing is the thing you do to procrastinate from doing that.
    Also, December should be National Novel Editing Month.

    • True! If editing was part of some big month long contest/celebration I could definitely get in on that. But, in truth, there aren’t many things I like less than editing.

  3. I must have the only friendly couch around. It’s the warm place I do most of my writing, the sturdy structure to take a punch when I’m editing (which at the moment is nonexistent). Oh no! Maybe my once trusty sidekick has finally turned! So that’s why I haven’t done much lately?
    Quick set a bonfire! 🙂

    • Actually LOL’ed. Thanks for that. A bonfire is a terrific idea… hmm, I wonder if it’s enough just to intimidate them with the threat, or if we’d actually have to start throwing a few in before the rest decided to change their evil ways?

      • I don’t know, it might. But my couch is so comfy at the moment and I’m not sure now if I have the heart to do it. 😦 I suppose I should really give it a second chance. It is Christmas after all. 😉

  4. Oh I can so relate to this. The end seats on our couches recline and I have spent so much time in “my spot” that it is shaped like me. I swear this chair has suction because I can’t seem to get out of it. If there was a build in potty and a frig next to it I would never move.

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