Daily Prompt: (2012) Time Capsule

Today’s Daily Prompt asks us what we would put in a time capsule from 2012. 

An intriguing question, to be sure.  Should I put items in of historic national and international importance?  Should I put items in of personal importance only?  A mixture of both?  Songs?  Books?  Knickknacks?

How big is this time-capsule?

I think items of national and international significance will probably be covered in other posts, so for my time capsule I’m going to keep it all personal.  Note, after creating the below list I was sad that I hadn’t included anything specific about my wife or the rest of my family and I was halfway through adding some additional items when I remembered I was keeping this time capsule “personal.”  So, this one is mine.  If I was going to create other capsules I would definitely include things of significance and remembrance related to my family.


thematticuskingdom Time Capsule contents:

Elizabeth Pass – obviously I can’t fit the whole mountain into my time capsule, so I will just throw in some photos and notes related to the experience of coming down the pass on my backpacking trip from September.  I’m including this partially because it is an experience I never want to forget: because it was amazing and because I never want to forget to never do it again.

Ultrasound photo – the wife and I are expecting our first, and we got our first look at our child back in August, tiny and perfect.  The photo embodies so many different emotions and thoughts from that first moment seeing it on the screen and hearing the heart beat throughout this whole journey.  It will be amazing to pull this out of my time capsule in the future and have all of that come flooding back.

Sierra Storm – my NaNoWriMo project from this year.  It was so much fun to write and get feedback and encouragement on from my faithful followers.  I’m in the process of editing it currently and will be sending it off to try to get it published eventually and while it won’t be done in 2012 I started it this year so it makes sense to include it in my time capsule – plus it would be fun to pull up in the future and see the difference between the first draft posted at thematticuskindgom and what it eventually became, and what I manged to write since then.

Technic Turntable – 2012 marked the year I dismantled my decks (“I’ve got two turntables and a microphone” – okay, actually I have four turntables, a Numark Mixer, a Chaos Pad, a couple microphones, a Gemini CD turntable, and a Mackie speaker) to make room for a crib and other assorted baby gear.  This year marked a huge transition in my life from the DJ I was to the father I’m going to be.  But, I never want to forget that prior part of my life and when I open my time capsule and see that turntable I will remember and relive the hours spent beat matching and blending songs together in my room and in the clubs.

The December page ripped out of a calendar with the 21st circled – I would include this final item as a reminder of how silly we can be at times, for a bit of humor, and to have me think back on all the crises the world has survived since the 21st of December, 2012.

20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: (2012) Time Capsule

  1. It was write ultrasound photo but I was like “is he going to put a baby in time capsule?” …My mind might be goes blank for a second. Then I realize you’re going to have a baby… Congratulations for you and your wife… I hope I’ll have one soon 🙂

  2. Congratulations! My personal time capsule is a container that keeps my Christmas decorations 11 months out of the year. Ornaments my daughter made me in pre-school are my favorite ones. Now her daughter is making me ornaments. One day (soon, it will feel like), my great-granddaughter will be decorating my tree. Hopefully not my grave 🙂

  3. Time capsule, hmm! Have to think on that and consider my own, but I guess there’s not much time. The question will be where to store it.

    Best wishes on the preparations for baby!

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