Love is…

My wife, my 6 months pregnant wife, getting out of bed 3 hours before her alarm is supposed to start going off so she can bandage me up, help me get my socks on, and help me tie up my shoelaces.

She. Is. Amazing.

Actually, it should be more like this:  She is absolutely amazing!!!!!

Yeah, that seems better.

For reference, this is what happened to me. 

I’m not doing all that great this morning.  I’m still swollen and I haven’t yet found any comfortable way to sit.  And by “comfortable,” I mean something lacking in the pain.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure that speed bumps were invented solely to torment me.  Well, they’ve done their job and hopefully they’ll be taking some well deserved time off next time I need to navigate over them.

I’d certainly be okay with that.

4 thoughts on “Love is…

    • Back is starting to feel a little better as the day wears on, hopefully that means the swelling is going down and I’ll actually be able to move normally in the next day or two. Thanks for commenting.

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