help! help!

The sky is falling, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!  Seek shelter, go underground, escape, run away, hide!  The sky is falling!

Oh…  Wait, are you sure?  Really?

I guess sometimes living in Southern California we forget what rain is…

Nevermind, no need to panic (I’ve got my towel*), everything is going to be okay**.

Now, if we could all just remember how to drive in the rain, then everything truly would be okay.  Not holding my breath on that though.


*Sorry, couldn’t resist the Hitchhiker’s Guide reference.
**Always remember, the answer is 42.

20 thoughts on “help! help!

      • It’s only nice in that initial moment when it’s coming down. When it’s down, it’s a big mess, especially if there’s a lot of it, and mobility is very limited. Back in the winter of 08-09, it snowed hard for two days, and then some more a week after that. We had over four feet on the ground. All city functions were halted, all the plowers were getting mad overtime, and the Governor declared a state of emergency. That was a pretty ridiculous amount of snow, even for around here.

  1. I have been enjoying the rain in So Cal for the past few days. Luckily, I have not had to drive in it. If I had I wouldn’t have been enjoying it so much. (How do you forget how to drive from one day to the next?)

    • I’m not sure we all forget how to drive… I think it’s just that final straw – we have so many things already competing for our attention (cell phones, ipods, car adapatble curling irons, etc…) and you throw rain on top of all of that and our minds can’t handle it. Just a theory…

      • To be fair though, SoCal roads really aren’t built for any sort of rain! I remember when I lived in WA state, the rain would just sift off into the gutters. Here, it piles up into a swimming pool, giving the already distracted-drivers one more reason to drive badly. (Loved the post, it made me laugh! :))

      • Laughs are definintely what I was going for. So, hooray for that! And why would our roads here in SoCAl be designed to deal with rain? It never rains here! 😛

  2. *sighs* Everyone loves to think that, don’t they? Well, I have a destroyed pair of Monty Python evil rabbit slippers that say differently, ha! The road-builders should always consult my shoe collection before building things. (Oh, yes, and bonus points for the Hitchhiker reference! 😀 )

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