queue the dramatic music

It’s 3:08PM (here on the west coast of the good ‘ol US of A), do you know where your favorite bloggers are?


Okay.  Not really sure what that was about, but wanted to post something silly today and suddenly had the famous Tom Gregory quote pop into my head: “It’s 10 P.M. Do you know where your children are?”

 Switching that around for the blogopshere seemed silly enough, so there you go.

Of course, whenever I think of that quote, I also think of this song, but maybe that’s just me.


So, have you checked in with your favorite bloggers today?  Are they okay?  Maybe you should go now and make sure they are still tucked safely into their domains.  It’s a big, scary, blogosphere out there and we wouldn’t want any of them to have to face it alone or wander off and get lost.

5 thoughts on “queue the dramatic music

  1. Hehe .. It sure is a scary blogville out there.. The mighty ones gaining more power while the lesser mortals are on the verge of becoming extinct! Lol

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