Take it from me… and a couple movie quotes

This sounds very familiar… a return to the hypocrisy that is me, perhaps.

Today’s Daily Prompt: Take It From Me asks us to wax philosophical on the best piece of advise we’ve given that we didn’t heed ourselves. 

Yep, definitely a return to the hypocrisy that is me.  And, since I am a living, walking, breathing, talking, thinking hypocrisy, there are a lot of scenarios I need to consider before I can determine which instance was “the best.”

Aside from the two topics I’ve covered previously, I could go political and talk about telling my friends to vote their conscience only to end up voting party line myself because in our two party system that’s the only way I feel like my vote is going to count at all.

That’s pretty good, but I think I can do better…

And what’s better than love?  Nothing, right?  Exactly.

I once had a very serious conversation with a friend from college about the risks of falling in love and how it should be avoided at all costs.  The question/answer we learned over and over in the movie Love Actually is that there is nothing “Worse than the total agony of being in love?”  I, of course, failed spectacularly (“Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love.“) at following my own advice and am all the better for that failure.

Hey!  I never said my advice was any good.

I wonder if my blog should come with a disclaimer along the lines of: “Nothing posted here within should be taken seriously: the author is silly, the words are silly, and the intent are silly.  If you choose to view any of the above otherwise you proceed at your own risk, the author and any of his affiliates, business partners, cats, friends, relatives, countrymen, and (we reserve the right to add additional entities here at any time) can not be held responsible for the consequences.  (Unless its something good, then we will take full credit.)”

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