So… I know it’s still November but I’m already going through NaNoWriMo withdrawals.  I had that challenge and goal to work on for three straight weeks… 24 days of posting at least once a day… 50,000+ words to create and compile in context together…  And it was a lot of fun.  But, now?  My novel is done.

Sure, I need to spend some time editing it.  That will happen.  Sure, I have another story I’m in the middle of that I could continue working on.  That will happen too.  But, this morning I’m feeling sad because I don’t have anything new to write about the characters I created for NaNoWriMo.  I miss them.  Seeing them again just for editing isn’t going to appease me either.

In other news, I was cut off by a bus this morning on my commute in to work.  There wasn’t even a good reason for it.  He was in the far right lane and I was coming up from behind him on the left.  There was no one in front of him.  Suddenly, he is in my lane, without any blinker usage, of course, and I’m slamming on my brakes to drop from the 55 I was going to the 30 he was going.  It wasn’t the closest call I’ve had, but I really need to find my sign and get it off my truck before my commuter lifestyle becomes the end of me.

In other, other news, Manchester United won again this weekend to move them to the top of the league standings again.  They waited until QPR scored first to really get going, as has been our standard operating procedure this season, but I was never really worried about this game.  It wasn’t going to be another Norwich situation.

I have no Los Angeles Galaxy update because they didn’t play this week.  There next game is the MLS Cup, on Saturday, at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA.  I’ve got my tickets.  I’ll be there, jersey on, scarf around my shoulders, chanting, yelling, jumping.  I’ll be that twelfth man.

5 thoughts on “withdrawal

  1. The wonderful thing about writing is that you can always start another adventure, especially if you love the characters. I feel like NaNoWriMo is just an excuse to set yourself up with monthly projects until the next round!

    • Before I started my NaNoWriMo story, I was deep into a much larger adventure… Now that my NaNo is complete I’m trying to get back into the swing of on the prior story… It was slow going yesterday as I had to reacquant myself with the characters. Hopefully today will go a bit smoother.

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