Daily Prompt: Last Words

Was pondering what to post today besides my daily NaNoWriMo update and came across the Daily Prompt: Last Words.  The premise is fairly basic: you have the opportunity to post one last blog before walking away and never posting again.  Fun.

I had an immediate reaction to the prompt… but, we’ll come back to that in a minute.

I considered writing a thank you letter to all of my followers for their support, encouragement, time, likes, and other assorted comments.  They’ve been an inspiration for me. 

I considered writing a “riding off into the sunset” post where I explain why I won’t be blogging anymore in some artistic fashion.

I considered starting a normal post and then having the words just stop halfway through a sentence, leaving the thought unfinished.

However, I liked my initial reaction best and so if I had the opportunity for one last blog I think I would keep it short and to the point (all rambling above aside, of course):

Subject: Done.
Message:  Totally worth it.

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