two losses and a victory all the same

Both of my teams lost this weekend…

Manchester United fell to the resolute defending of Norwich City and one great attacking move that we were unable to stop.  At this point I might try and rale against our defense to say they should have done better… but, it was a really well taken goal.  We needed to do better on the other end of the pitch where we had plenty of possession but weren’t creating all that many chances.  It was a game missing that bit of extra inspiration and impetus that Wayne Rooney provides. 

It’s still early in the season.  Though I don’t like surrendering top spot to City, we have plenty of time to regain the pinnacle.  I’m already salivating over the derby next month.  Come on you Red Devils!

So, that was one loss.  It hurt.  I was depressed, but these things happen.  United are still in second… and we have a habit of dropping points away to lower table teams.  The Christmas season is coming and I’m sure we will go on a tear like we normally do.  I’m not worried.


As understanding as I was about United’s loss, as much as it hurt, as much as I was depressed about it, all of those feels were nothing compared to watching the Los Angeles Galaxy get completely trounced for 80 minutes or so against the Seattle Sounders.

We got a little lucky with the PK call and that sort of calmed the game down for a bit.  But, Seattle played with heart, with passion, with crisp passing, and great interplay that made the Galaxy look like the local kids down at the park on the weekend kicking the ball about.  It was sad and ugly and it physically hurt me to watch.

But, through some miracle (and some questionable at times officiating) Seattle didn’t score enough to go ahead on the aggregate score and the Galaxy advance to the MLS Cup to face the Houston Dynamo for the second year in a row.  A repeat of last year’s final, but somehow I doubt the game will be anything like it was a year ago.

I waiting (somewhat impatiently) for tickets to go on sale… but, I’ll be there to root on the Galaxy.  This is LA!



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