I wrote, I wrote some more, I NaNoWriMoed

Or, in other words, some shameless self promotion.

So, I finished my NaNoWriMo project.  I will continue to post a new chapter each day until the 24th… because that’s the last one.  Silly, silly.  Hopefully I didn’t ruin any suspense you may have had by letting you know there are only 5 more updates until the end!!

Anyway, on to business.  I finally got around to setting up my official NaNoWriMo account this weekend.  You can look me up (djmatticus) at http://www.nanowrimo.org.  I haven’t figured out how to buddy up with anyone yet, but if you want to find me, now you can.

My word counts don’t match up because of some updates in the official version I submitted for validation and the version I’ve been posting on here.  So, that’s what is up with that in case you noticed and/or cared. 

Also, you can follow some more of my shenanigans, 140 characters at a time, on twitter via @matticusdj.

Thanks again to all of my loyal readers who have had to put up with my nano posts so far this month.  I’ll try to get back into the normal swing of things in the next couple of days.  Whatever the heck that means.  If you know, could you tell me via a comment or something, that would be swell.

That’s right, I said “swell.”  Get over it.

Or, if you want me to post segments of other writing projects I’m working on you could let me know that too.  Maybe that could be my new normal.  It will be like New Coke, only better, more palatable while being less drinkable at the same, and with fewer calories.  Everyone wins.

8 thoughts on “I wrote, I wrote some more, I NaNoWriMoed

  1. added you to my writing buddies on Nano as to what you should do next a combo of traditional with the new giving the coke a zesty twist maybe … is that a pun too far

    • No such thing as a “pun too far.” Well, not in my world anyway but I’m sure others would disagree. Voting for a mix, eh? Vote tallied, or counted; noted as it were. And, the great thing about my voting system is you don’t have to worry about any corruption or hanging chad scandals or the like.

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