blackmail works

And why would you want to change a strategy that works?


Proposition 30, in CA, was blackmail placed on the ballot by our Governor, Jerry Brown.  It wasn’t even hidden blackmail.  It was right out there for everyone to see.

“Vote yes on Prop 30 and raise taxes or I’m going to cut funding for schools.”

Okay… so at least the money raised through the increased taxes is going to go to the schools, right?  Nope.  That money goes into the general fund to be used as needed, when needed. 

And it leaves the schools no better off than they would have been otherwise.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt them further either.  That’s right. 

It’s not even elegant blackmail.  It’s bold and in your face: raise taxes on yourselves or I will hurt your children.

 In the poker game that was this political season, we the people blinked first and folded.  We should have called his bluff.  Now Moonbeam knows our tell and he can keep on threatening schools and keep on raising taxes.

Is giving in to blackmail really the precedent we wanted to set?

6 thoughts on “blackmail works

  1. Maybe its not the Rule of the Stupid – but The rule of the utter b***ard!?
    I can see it so often, where hype (read lies) around one issue (e.g. Terror or immigration) is used to disguise some nasty bit of legislation tacked on to it (like removal of employment rights – increased power for the Govt to screw us down)
    Good post sir.

  2. Unfortunately, it seems that is how the game is played all too often. And what happens when we call his bluff and he wasn’t bluffing. I don’t disagree with your post but, I did vote yes. I am not a good gambler, which is why I stay out of the casinos.

    • When we call his bluff and he wasn’t bluffing then the funding gets cut to the schools like he promised… and things get tougher. And maybe that happens more than once, but eventually he won’t have that as a recourse anymore and then things will start to get better, right? Then we can move forward without holding our children hostage. We can figure out what is truly important and what isn’t. As it is, all we have learned is that we aren’t ready to stand up and rally against these sort of tactics…

  3. I live in IL which is one of the most government tax oriented states in the nation. I hold libertarian views in a liberal state, which makes me somewhat of a freak ’round these parts. To me privatization of EVERYTHING seems like an answer. Sure, we will have growing pains but we all have skill sets that would turn us into a much more productive society. Of course our elected officials would beg to differ since they would have to find theirs. I still find what’s going on in WI fascinating with the collective bargaining.

    • Liberterian leaning in CA? *raises hand* Yep, I’m that guy. Not really sure what I’m still doing in this state… I guess my job is here and my wife’s job is here, and right now that’s enough for us to stay. Thanks for reading and commenting! Yes, the situation in WI is fascinating.

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