Connor Stein – Day 1

My friend and his wife ushered their second child into the world this morning: Connor.  Shortly after receiving the good news and the below picture I wrote the following poem and sent it off to the proud parents and older sister.

Welcome to the world, new little one.
It may seem all big and blurry now,
Soon you’ll be having a ton of fun,
With crawling and climbing and playing.

Welcome to the world, baby boy Stein.
There is no need to furrow your brow,
Your sister and parents will align,
To ensure you want for nothing.

Welcome to the world, tiny Connor.
You will be loved by all, this I vow,
Brilliance and comedy and honor,
And your cup will be overflowing.

11 thoughts on “Connor Stein – Day 1

  1. Pressing matters? That’s an understatement. Parenting is a demanding career (with all the yummy perks). Your friend won’t surface for air for at least two decades. Cute baby and cute poem. 🙂

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