WordPress app to the rescue

So, my computer is experiencing some technical difficulties today (this week) and to counter that I’m posting today using the WordPress app on my droid phone. 

If one technology fails, another one comes to the rescue…?  We shall see.

But, probably not going to be the longest post. I don’t have to hunt and peck thanks to my slideit app (hooray for technology) and that makes this a bit easier.  Still, it’s kind of a pain.

So, to technology I dedicate this little poem:

Why aren’t you making my life more simple?
I thought that was the point of you.
If you don’t start working, I’ll be less civil,
Hire a lawyer, draw papers and sue.

Okay, enough of that silliness. 

I do find it interesting how quickly we become dependent on technology and technical related processes that we’ve only had for a short time.

We are mostly ridiculous.  Oh the hypocrisy that is me: I rally against technology most of the time, arguing that rather than making our lives easier it just clutters them up, and makes us weaker, stupider in the process.  But, when I relent and decide I like some new gizmo or gadget, some new technological marvel, it better never stop working!

(Full disclosure – after posting using the WordPress app, I noticed several typos and I logged into a computer to fix them.  Plus, though the slideit app on my droid phone does make typing messages on my phone easier, the developers recently updated the app and it is functioning slightly different (in a way I’m not used to yet) so it wasn’t as easy as it might have been otherwise.)

6 thoughts on “WordPress app to the rescue

  1. I feel your pain. Typos on phones, apps that are limited in their capabilites, gadgets of wonder we wish we could hate and then become addicted to, updates that fail, too much choice to choose from, corrections made difficult, autocorrects that auto-get-it-all-wrong. Yes I feel your pain. I do 🙂

    I texted my friend Denise once on my mobile with the autocorrect on.

    What I was wanting to say was this “Hello, Denise, how are you today?”

    What she received was “Hell Demise, who ate you today?”

    Yes sad but true but it was funny.

  2. I once met a woman from Kansas
    Who could only text vowels, r’s and s’s
    Her husband would complain
    And demand she refrain
    From sending notes like “so sore, u asses. ” (stop by store, buy glasses)

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