Ah, Tuesday

It’s just the absolute worst, isn’t it?

For those who know me, this argument won’t be anything new but I have a theory that Tuesday is the most worthless day of the week.  Perhaps “worthless” isn’t the correct word, but it will do for now.

Here is the simple breakdown of my theory:

Monday – I’m an optimist at heart (while some would argue that can’t possibly be true, it is) and therefore Monday is an okay day.  It represents the start of something new.  Who knows what adventures the unfolding week will bring?  It could be good, it could be bad, but either way it is a beginning, and that in itself is inherently good.

Wednesday – Hump day, the middle of the week, where all roads lead downhill to the weekend.  Even at the start of the day (before you’ve actually transitioned into the second half of the week) you know that at the end of the day you will be on the downhill stretch.  It’s another change day (like Monday acting as the change from weekend to week), and is therefore again inherently good.

Thursday – Simply put, it is the day before Friday.  You spend all day knowing after you make it through the day you only have one day left to the weekend.  You are on the straightaway stretch that started at noon on Wednesday.  While it could be argued it is the least of the “good” days of the week, it is still a good day.

Friday – Well, it’s Friday… that pretty much says it all, right?  The last day of the week.  Your last few hours at work before you taste the freedom of a weekend again.  To continue the downhill metaphor, you are on the home stretch.  Plus, once again, it is inherently good because it is another change day – the last vestige of the week morphing into another weekend.

That leaves Tuesday.  It isn’t a change day.  It isn’t the start of something new.  It is the toughest part of the climb to get to the apex of the week.  Miserable.  Long.  Tiring.  The worst.

I’m not sure where Garfield’s hatred of Mondays came from, but perhaps he should have reserved the bulk of his ire and wrath for Tuesdays, the real dregs of the week…

17 thoughts on “Ah, Tuesday

  1. I hate to make a blanket judgment about days of the week. Maybe some Tuesdays are nice enough and get a bad rap. Like today. I’m off of work this week and it is a beautiful Tuesday, and still early enough in my week off that I’m not worried that I haven’t accomplished much beyond getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. . .. As a general rule, though, I am not a fan of Tuesday. On Monday, I may feel resentful that I have to be at work, but at least I’m reasonably well rested. By Tuesday, Monday has already worn me down. Augh. Hang in there . . . it’s almost Wednesday!

  2. An eternal optimist, I am sitting here on Tuesday evening joyously awaiting the transition to Wednesday! 🙂 Truth be known, Tuesdays are my grunt days when I make big dents in that To-Do list I create on Mondays for the week.

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