the best of the best

Ah Champions League, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

While watching the Manchester City vs. Real Madrid game yesterday I was trying to compose in my head what I was going to type up about it.  It was going something along the lines of: Well, if it were my team (Manchester United) I would say that the better team won because they scored the most goals regardless of the rest of the stats…  It’s an argument I’ve used many times before.  But, I just couldn’t stomach using it in City’s defense.

Luckily, or perhaps luck had nothing to do with it actually, I was saved the indignity of that because the better team prevailed in the end.  Real Madrid deserved the win and they found a way to scrape back twice and finally grab the winner.  They always looked like they were going to score throughout the game it just took them a bit to first beat Hart, who was immense in City’s goal, and then get their shots on frame.

What a fantastic game to watch though.  Loads of action.  No real drama.  Two attacking teams (in the second half) taking the game to each other.  Real end to end stuff.  I was thoroughly entertained.  And if you watched the game you’d be lying if you said you weren’t entertained.

So, we’re off and running.  It will be interesting to see how the Champions League shapes up again this year.  Will it be another poor group stage effort from the English teams?  Which minnows will come up with a couple upsets?  Will Barcelona continue their recent dominance?  Will Manchester United make it to their fourth final in 6 years?

But, back to Real Madrid vs. Manchester City, who will make it out of the group of death?  What are your predictions?

And, begin:

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