thank you, sir, may I have another

This, in front of me, is my plate of crow.  I will eat it.  And, I will happily eat another plate of the same should the occasion arise…

Saturday morning (PST), Robin van Persie scored a beautiful goal in his first start for Manchester United.  It was the same type of “how in the world did he do that?” goal that he was scoring all last season for Arsenal.  It was exactly the type of goal I thought he wouldn’t be scoring for the Red Devils.  So, I was wrong.  I hope I continue to be wrong.

It was troubling that aside from the odd bit of good hold up play, a few good crosses, and some good linking passes he was otherwise incognito for the rest of the game. 

It was even more troubling to see Wayne Rooney stretchered off with that gash in his leg…  Even with the significant amount of firepower at our disposal, Rooney is our talisman, and without him on the field we seem to be lacking something. 

Then again, we did just fine without him for most of the game on Saturday so it’s very likely I have no idea what I’m talking about. 

Cleverly and Kagawa both put in good performances.  Rafael played like he normally does: brilliant one minute and hapless the next.  This time out though at least his moment of brilliance awarded him with a goal.  Despite our nervy start in this fledgling season I still think once we gel we will be a side to recon with.  Of course, until we gel, there will probably be the odd bit of nail-biting and cringing.

In related news, the own goal was comical – if you haven’t seen it, go check it out.

In other news, Swansea was on top of the league again for a couple hours on Saturday before Chelsea played their game and leap frogged back to the top spot.  8 goals scored and zero conceded…  that’s a fairly good start to the campaign for them even considering who their opposition was in those games.

In news closer to home, for me, congratulations to the Galaxy on their victory over FC Dallas.  I didn’t get a chance to watch the game unfortunately so I don’t have any of real substance to add.  I do enjoy watching them climb of their conference table though.  We are seeming more and more likely of securing a spot in the playoffs.  Go Galaxy!


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