Just In Case…A Brief Shot At Fiction

I reserved a room for us, just in case. We talked about meeting but I never expected that it would happen. We planned the details and at the designated time, my shaking hand grabbed the door. My eyes scanned the restaurant and found the one who could only be you.

I nervously smiled and introduced myself. I prepared myself for a rejection. I steeled myself against the expected response, “Oh, you must have confused me with someone else.” Instead, your warm smile captured me and my sweaty palm took your hand. We talked for hours in captivating conversation. We were oblivious to the time that passed until the restaurant manager informed us that it was closing time.

Still a bit nervous, I told you that I reserved a room just in case this happened. I asked you to accompany me. My palm was no longer sweaty as I extended my hand.


Ra posted the image below for her supporters to enjoy on her Patreon page.  With her permission I am re-posting it here, for all of you, along with a bit of flash fiction I wrote to go with it. 


“She’ll never fall” by Grayson Queen


He called himself Grayson.  It was a name he had always liked and at some point he realized that the names given by other people meant nothing and he might as well use one he liked.

She called him many things, including Gray, because she valued the stories that went with each name, the origin of them, the stepping stones that led from how things were to how things are, and she liked to honor the history and the process.

They had been fastened to the ground near each other.  Their original purpose was lost with the passing of time.  They couldn’t touch.  They couldn’t move at all.  But, they could share their hopes and dreams and they learned to love each other.  For a long time that simple state of being was enough.  The knowledge that they loved and were loved in return sustained them through the long years of their solitude.

Then the world fell apart around them.  Battles were waged, won and lost.  Lands were torn asunder.  Fires raged unchecked reducing the landscape to ash strewn scars, with only a few glimpses of what had stood before.  Their love, their need to protect each other, worked one of the few true miracles the world had ever seen, and they shook themselves free of their concrete moors.  Their love gave them life.

Seeing the danger they were in, she fell away first, knowing he would fall to catch her, to save her.  He saw the danger too, of course, and knew why she fell.  He knew she would fall before she even started.  After all, he loved her and knew how she thought.  So, he reached for her and followed her swift movement in one smooth motion.

He would save her.  Neither doubted that.  It was a truth written in the bones of the ground they’d been freed from.  In saving her, he would be saved too and what happened afterwards didn’t matter.  They would be together in their new reality, in their freedom, in their love.

This is What Happens…

Hello, Kingdomers….uhhh… Kingdomites…. or whatever the followers of this here blog call themselves. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Revis Edgewater; First Knight of the Matticus Kingdom and co-author of the Jester’s book, The Erratic Sun. If you don’t already have it, I’ll wait patiently while you either go here for the paperback version or here for the Kindle version. Now that I’ve gotten that shameless plug out of the way, let me get on with telling you why I’m here.

Normally, I play on my own blog, but since both Matticus and I contributed to what you’re about to read next, I figured I’d stop on by the Kingdom. It’s been a while since I’ve made my presence felt here anyway.

Below is an exchange that took place between Matticus and I earlier today. This is what happens when we have enough time to email each other while we’re at work:

Revis: To err is human. Wait…. you’re human, right? Or are you some cybernetic jester from the future who also happens to write????

Matticus: I’m not a robot.  Definitely not.  Trust me. *creepy grin*

R: Damn, I was hoping for a robot friend. If Fry gets Bender, how come I can’t get one?

M: You make a valid argument about the Fry/Bender situation.  Though, they both also have a Cyclops for a friend… so… even  if I was a robot, which I’m most definitely not, we are both still getting gipped in the friendship department. 

Also, we need a space ship.

R: Well, we don’t have a cyclops friend, but we do have a dinosaur friend. Does that count? We also have a ship. It’s called the Erratic Sun, remember? We just can’t fly it…. 

M: We do have a dinosaur friend, that’s very true.  And I have a ninja-knight, a knightly ninja, as a friend.  Can’t get much cooler than that.  And, yes, we do have a spaceship.  A very nice one.  I’m not sure why you can’t fly it?  I’ve taken it for a couple spins around the galaxy…

R: Wait, Terry lets you fly it??? He never lets me!

M: Hmm… That’s weird. I’ll have a word with him next time I see him.

R: Yeah,  whenever I ask to fly it, he mumbles something about not wanting to die…

M: Have you given him a reason for doubting your ability to pilot the thing?

R: There was that one time I crashed that hovercar because I saw a squirrel, but that wouldn’t happen in the Sun. There aren’t any squirrels in space.

M: Squirrels in Space, the movie.

R: Oh, sure. Take Terry’s side. I see how you are.

M: That’s not what I was doing!! I was changing the subject….  😛

R: Yeah, right. I bet you two go out on weekends and party without me…

M: Only once or twice.

R: I knew it! I’m the third wheel!

M: No!!! … you actually have to be around to be considered the third wheel, right? 😛

R: Do you think Al Gore would’ve still invented the Internet if he knew that this was the kind of stuff we’d do with it?

M: Yes!  He’s the biggest prankster of all!


Author Interview – Matt Blashill – The Erratic Sun and Fauxpocalypse

toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish)

Good evening everyone.

I have been lucky enough to speak with author Matt Blashill about his latest release and his approach to the art and craft of writing.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

Matt – thank you for joining me today to talk about your creative processes and what drives you specifically as a writer.

Thank you, David, for including me in your interview series. I’m always a little surprised and a lot humbled when people want to talk to me about writing.

You have recently published a collaborative novel with Michael Hansen called “The Erratic Sun.” Please fill us in as to what genre(s) your book falls into, why you called it that and what we can expect to face when we dive into it?

“The Erratic Sun” is a science fiction novel about the crew of the titular ship who find themselves in an unenviable position during…

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Let them go

The words dance in my head,
And I listen to them,
And then I let them go.
Because, you know,
Their waltz, you have all said,
Isn’t what you came here for.
They aren’t why I started either,
Though they were always there,
Moving to the beat of the fire,
That burns fiercely,
Blistering my insides,
Never allowed to bubble out.

But, what if I unleashed them,
Set them free to raze,
Would I find relief then?
A lie, a sin,
They would spiral round all prim,
Elegant and impeccable timing,
A show for all to praise and watch,
But even at that hour of the clock,
I would find no peace in the ticks and tocks,
To spill the blaze here,
Would be to disappoint others,
And that pain would be far worse.

So, I shall endure for a time,
As best I can,
With the flames eating my soul.
I’ll hide the toll,
Of this facade, this ruse, this grime,
That is the brave face I wear,
Despite the obvious cracks and tears,
And the holes, where flames grew too near,
Doused quickly to hide my fear,
But the singed edges remain,
And the tatters thin and break away,
Until, I need not worry, for nothing will be left.

“and then *poof* he was gone”