Ducks don’t roar…
Do they?

The days have become very loud in the kingdom. The little prince and the littler prince have started playing a game where they roar at each other. They are fierce and fearsome. They are wild and chaotic.

So, you know, they are basically just normal kiddos.

Then, when they get tired of roaring at each other, they join forces and roar at anyone else they encounter in their jumping, rolling and frolicking tornado of noise and destruction swirling through the kingdom. Sometimes they are monsters. Sometimes they turn their toys into the monsters. Sometimes they have rubber duckies fiercely roaring…

Ducks don’t roar?
Well, as it turns out, sometimes they do.



We always have choices
Is a lie
Told to us
Sold to us
To make us feel like the hard decisions
Are made for the right reasons
Because that silver lining
Is often
The only

We always have choices
Is a lie
Told to us
Sold to us
To keep us from reflecting too deeply
On the unjustness of reality
Because life isn’t fair
And that truth
Always hurts

We always have choices
Is a lie
Told to us
Sold to us
To give us the merest glimpse of hope
Of a world that could be better
Because there has to be
There should be

just keep swimming

Sometimes parenting is like falling off a cliff
Into a bottomless pit
Every time you manage to get a grip
You slip
Fingers bloodied and torn
Nerves and mind completely worn
And you fall further behind
Another loss of time
Down, down, down into the darkest reaches
Where reside the demons of your heart and other creatures
Ready to prey on your guilt and faults
All because you had the temerity to fall
Rather than climb
Upward and onward where everything is fine.

a return to a new adventure

I haven’t posted in a bit… a long bit…
There was real consideration given to the notion of walking away completely. I’m not sure why I didn’t… I’m not sure why I would…
To say that things in the Kingdom have been hectic recently would be an understatement.


It happens.

The Queen and I (and the Little and Littler Princes to an extent) are being forced to change right along with all the upheaval around us. Some of it has been good. Some of it has been sad. Some of it has felt like a betrayal to loyal friends… (Look at me vaguebooking like a pro.)
And all of that is to say that I know there is no expectation on when I might post again – the days of having a weekly routine where all my faithful kingdomites knew what type of post they’d find waiting for them in their feeds have been a thing of the past for years now – YEARS – but that doesn’t quell the guilt I feel for leaving this space static, un-updated, left behind. Which is why I almost left.

I’ve been shedding the parts of my life that bring me stress to reduce my responsibilities down to the core things that are needed to keep my family happy and healthy (including myself). Stress had been making me sick. I’d stretched myself thin trying to be too many things for too many people. And yet, I found that my blog didn’t need to be on that chopping block.

There is guilt, yes, when I realize it has been months since I posted last. But, that’s okay. Over time, this wonderful Kingdom has returned to what it was when I first started blogging over five years ago… a place for me to play with words and see what comes of them. No expectations from all of you. No expectations from myself.

I have no idea how that will play out.

And that’s okay.

It is an adventure after all… why would I want to know how it ends?