the lighthouse

The lighthouse at Byron Bay sits atop Cape Byron

She stood on the outcropping,
A sentinel towering above the rocks and foam,
Weathering the worst of storms and darkest nights,
Shining her brilliant light, her message of love and safety, for all to see.

But she did her job too well,
And her light guided everyone away from her,
To where they needed to be, yes, but away all the same,
Until she’d been alone for so long she began to doubt her worth, her purpose.

She pondered her isolation,
And considered turning off her light,
Not to sow chaos or cause harm, or for attention,
Because she no longer thought she was needed to protect the sea.

She stood on her outcropping,
And dimmed her lights, little by little,
Until the shore was left unprotected in the night,
With ship after ship crashing and smashing into the unseen dangers.

She watched from the precipice,
While the carnage unfolded below her,
And she tried to re-spark her light and shine again,
Only to realize it was never hers and turning it on was beyond her control.

She called out from the darkness,
Hoping to gather those who light fires,
And she waited patiently for them to climb her tower,
But who would answer her call in the worst of storms and darkest nights?


And the winner is…

A few weeks ago, I asked all you wonderful kingdomites to join in a game of blogosphere tug-of-war…  In this addition, the contest was between Team Coke and Team Pepsi.

I should have realized that something was amiss when the first backer came in to support the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (it’s a thing, I promise)….

And then, for a time, the game dissolved into chaos.  Bloggers were tugging in every which way, and I thought it was going to have to be abandoned altogether.

But then!!!  But then Team Coke showed up, and heaved, and pulled, and tugged, and won in a landslide.

Unfortunately, our official kingdom tally keeper quit, so I don’t have the exact numbers for you.

You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Hey, I’m a Jester.  You can definitely trust me.  Definitely.  I assure you.  Believe me.

Thank you to all the players and CONGRATULATIONS to Team Coke, who once and for all have decided the age old battle of the sodas, colas, pops, carbonated sugary drinks of deliciousness…


The following was partially inspired by a line spoken by Bill Friday in a recent conversation with him.  Can you spot it?  Let us know in the comments which line you think came from him…

The rest is from the turmoil in my mind. It’s a culmination of a lot of the things I’m struggling with mentally, on global and far smaller scales. I can’t help everyone. We can’t help everyone.  … or, can we? What happens if we try and fail? What happens if we don’t even bother to try? 

I wrote this on my phone, so please forgive the formatting. Thank you, my faithful kingdomites, for being you, for being amazing and loving. 


The rally cry sounds from all corners,

And I turn my face to the chorus ready to lift my voice,

My heart pumping empathetic chords,

I’m ready to step forward, to lead the line, to inspire,

But I falter and fall behind.


The world burns and I turn my back,

While trying to ignore its warming ebbs and flows,

I’m too tired to lift a water bucket,

Too drained of energy to join the fight for life,

And naïve in my security.


The ache of my selfish hypocrisy,

Fed by exhaustion and powered by guilt,

Rages unchecked in my thoughts,

Like an unemployed poet in a boardroom,

Passionate but impotent.


The rally cry sounds from all corners,

And I pretend I can’t hear its beckoning song,

To save my heart the expensive guilt,

To shield my mind from the torment and chaos,

But, even in that, I fail.

Time for Tug-of-War


Hear  ye, hear ye…  Gather round… and all that jazz… er, rock, as the case may be.

It is time for another official Matticus proclamation!

A new Tug of War is about to be announced!

Like so many other things here in the kingdom, this tug-of-war is going to start with a reference to music:

“Rock and roller cola wars, I can’t take it anymore.”

– Billy Joel “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

If you hadn’t already guessed it, the question that needs answering, the question we are going to solve once and for all is:  Which is the best soda/pop/cola/tasty beverage of sugar and caffeine?  Is it Coke?  Is it Pepsi?

But, before we begin the game, here are some rules (because all games must have rules, except Calvinball, of course):
1) Read the prompt.  (I know what you are thinking, “Reading, bleh, who wants to do that.”  But if you don’t read the prompt then you won’t be able to fully play along.)
2) Choose a side.  (You have to pick a side in tug-of-war, that’s kind of important.)
3) Write a post that supports your decision.  (We don’t need an essay, and we don’t give bonus points for brevity either.  However, we will be your friend if you do something creative.)  (You can also just leave your answer as a comment though in cases where a tie-breaker is needed, I’m going to count comments as only half a pulling point.)
4) Link back to this post so the moderator can count your support correctly.  (If you are super awesome and choose to play along and write a post.)
5) There is no fifth rule – just seemed like there needed to be another one – oh, wait, I know:  The fifth rule of Matticus Kingdom Tug-of-War is “You do talk about it.”  To anyone and everyone.  That’d be great.

The winning side will be the one that gets the most support, and their reward will be the knowledge that they chose wisely and eternal fame across the kingdom.

You have two weeks to get your support behind either Coke or Pepsi.  The first week of September I will begin to tally up the support and write up another post announcing the winner.

The Kingdom is throwing its support behind Coke.

I will admit that in a blind taste test I did a couple years ago, I got them wrong and thought Pepsi was Coke and vice versa, but when I know what I’m drinking I prefer the taste of Coke.  Is that psychological?  Probably.  Is it solely because I grew up in a Coke household?  Most likely.  Is it because I call everything that is a soda “coke?”  Well, yes, that’s maybe part of it too.  But, for the purpose of this tug of war, I’m going to argue it call comes down to the sweetness.  Pepsi is sweeter and when I reach for a coke, or a coffee, or a beer, I’d rather have it be bitter.  I like my food sweet but my drinks bitter.  I’m a big ol’ weirdo like that… but… Jester… so, it is what it is.

Now come on all you faithful kingdomites!  What is your favorite soda and why?  Let’s get this tug-of-war going!




In case you were wondering, this is the fourth official tug of war.  The first one settled that chicken and egg thing, the second one explored an important part of childhood, and the third one settled the ultimate Marvel verse DC comic battle.

Inside The Frame

Thank you Simon for challenging me. I’m still not sure about it.

Photo shows our faces smiling
Eternal love placed in a frame.

Outside shows faces contortimg
unbeknownst inside the frame.

Anger in our faces rising
Never betrayed by the frame.

Tempers uncontrolled and hurling
Shattered faces broken panes.