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Sorcerer and sorceress hunched over the giant laboratory desk as they studied the shifting lines of magic.  The tome was his, carefully removed from his library and transported to her castle’s lab for their joint review, and it was not just one of the oldest tomes in his collection, it was one of the oldest tomes ever scribed.  The frayed pages were no longer held in place by the binding but by the sheer force of will of the spells within.  The groupings of words clung to each, refusing to be broken by the passage of time.

The candles in the sconces on the walls flickered as they burned down to stubs, small entrails of smoke twirled up to disappear in the darkness clinging to the ceiling.  Hours had passed as witch and wizard had perused the words to the spell, memorized them, and reflected upon the power held within such simplicity.  They were in awe of the capabilities the ancients had coaxed from their magic.

“Where did you find this book?”  The sorceress finally broke her gaze from the tome to look across at her new friend.

He laughed slyly, without removing his own gaze from the book, “I found it decaying below a pile of bones in a cave…  There was a dragon there that didn’t relish my presence and attempted to thwart my efforts to retrieve the tome, but it rather overestimated its advantages and abilities.”

A dragon?  He has fought one of the fabled beasts?  And he won?  Her mind was rent from thoughts of components and articulation as she visualized the encounter.  The cadence of his storytelling captivated the sorceress, though, and she quickly turned her full attention to him.

“It was a close fought battle, but in the end it relied too heavily on its healing abilities and I was able to wear it down.  It flew off, nursing its wounds, and I procured the spellbook and used the last of my strength to cast the spell that would send me back to the safety of my home.  I slept for three days afterwards and then spent the following three weeks devouring the secrets I could decipher from the book.”

Her face held an expression of unabashed respect, and he bowed in acknowledgement of both the achievement and her admiration.  “If only you had been there,” he whispered, “we could have easily defeated the beast and seen what other treasures he held in thrall.”

The sorceress sensed a trap in his words, but was ready to spring it.  She wanted to know what he was truly capable of.  She wanted to follow him into the den of the beast and see how it played out.  “Do you remember how to get to the cave?”

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adventure update

Dear Little Prince,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written to you, and I’m sorry about that.  I will try to do better.  I know there is nothing to forgive, since the time I might have used to put pen to paper was spent playing with you instead, but do understand the importance of recording these words too just as we record your words.

Oh my, the words.  You seem to learn five new ones every day.  Yesterday you learned “dancing.”  The day before you learned “steamy.”  And last week?  You learned a word I can’t repeat here and you have thankfully stopped parroting back to us.  By the time you read this you’ll really know it and many much worse.  That’s exciting and sad at the same time.

Anyway, the way you said those four letters it sounded like fork…  It was adorable.

You know what else is adorable?  Getting home from work in the afternoons and hearing “Daddy!” before I even see you running from the other end of the house to give me a hug.  Running.  Hugging.  Tugging on my pants to follow you back to where you were so we can play together.

Playtime is the best.  You dribbled a soccer ball from one room to the next earlier this week.  You did it on purpose too.  You’d seen me do it.  You tried it.  You did it.  It was amazing!  And then I chased you down to celebrate and you giggled as we high-fived and I tickled you.  Then we tracked down your mom, the  Queen, and we both tickle-attacked her.

You are learning at a ridiculous rate.  You help with chores, putting food in the kitties’ dishes, washing plates and filling up the dish rack, sweeping, vacuuming…  Okay, so you can’t quite get the hang of all of those yet, but you do all of them with our help, and sometimes you manage them on your own.

You are growing at ridiculous rate too.  Some meals you seem to eat more than I do… and I eat a lot.  You are our mini-garbage disposal and I fear for the grocery bills in a few years.  I fear for the clothing bills, too, as you outgrow things faster than we can buy them.  You are definitely a toddler now, and I can hardly see the baby in you at all.

I understand these are typical milestones of parenting but that doesn’t take anything away from my experience with them.  This whole adventure, while terrifying and trying at times, continues to hold moments of wonder and delight, to an extent I didn’t know was possible.  Thank you for going on this adventure with your mom and me.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to grow and feel our way through these new roles.

We are proud of you.

We love you and can’t wait to see what new discovery you make each and every day going forward.


aka: djmatticus, the jester

The Me I Don’t Like, As Much (Redux)


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This post was originally shared on Brother Jon’s Page, nearly two years ago. It’s nice to go back every so often and reflect on how our lives have changed, even in just a span of two years. Things are getting better, everyday. I believe daily reflection is important for us all. In the past we can find many, many things for us to learn from. But, it is also important for us to not get stuck in the past. Author John Green once wrote* “Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia.” Nostalgia, by definition, is a longing for the past. This quote turns it around and helps show the importance of looking forward in our lives. Or, you can just ask what Dory would do. Just Keep Swimming.

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splash of emotions

“I’m surprised you would let me in so willingly,” his smooth voice cooed from across her study.  “You obviously know who I am.  Aren’t you afraid?”

The sorceress leveled her eyes at the assassin, the legendary wizard without a name, and calmly replied, “It is far too great a honor to have you here to do anything but rise to the challenge.”  There was a slight pause before she continued, “Though, I will say that my fight is not, and should not be, with you.  The cowards that hired you should be here in your place.”

“I’ve heard they have been here,” his eyebrows raised ever so slightly and he licked his lips as he spoke.  He was enjoying this exchange with an equal.  It had been a long time since he’d been in the same room with someone he would consider a peer.  “They didn’t much care for how that encounter ended.”

The sorceress smiled wickedly.  Normally she’d keep her emotions guarded, but she had taken great pleasure in springing that trap on her tormentors and didn’t care who knew it.  They had deserved the whipping they’d received by her magic.  She didn’t dignify the wizard’s comments with anything further than the smile.

He nodded in understanding.  His eyes shifted from hers to sweep in the contents of the room.  He picked out some tomes he’d love to study if given the chance.  He noticed a few relics that must have been difficult for her to obtain.  He nodded again, appreciating that he truly was in the presence of an equal.

“I think I must apologize now,” his words were crisp, jumping off the magical energy that swam between the witch and wizard.  “I can see that you are up for a fight, but I am not here to fight you.”

The sorceress tried unsuccessfully to keep the look of surprise from contorting her expression.  He noted the minimal change, and catalogued it for future use, should the need ever arise.  He licked his lips again, and let his black eyes find her gaze again.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but while they did approach me for the job, I’m not actually as morally flexible as the stories about me imply.  I know you by name and reputation, and would never hire myself out against you in the employ of cowards too afraid to face you again.  Perhaps if their reasons were just… but that is not the case at the moment.”

“Then, why are you here?”

“Telling you that I would not take the job seemed as good a reason as any for the two of us to finally meet.”

He smiled then, and for the first time since he had appeared at her gate, a flicker of emotion played across his eyes.  The sorceress recognized it.  She finally saw him as a peer rather than an adversary and she returned his smile.  After long last, after years of struggling and fighting and advancing through the ranks on her own, she finally had a friend.

The laughter that followed her smile was the most joyous that had ever passed her lips.

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